about me

I’m Ben Parker, and I am an aspiring 17 year-old film critic who lives on a farm in Northern Vermont (the above picture is from a rest stop in Kentucky). It’s pretty nice up there, though admittedly, the weather can jump around a bit too much for my liking.

I used to publish my work on Cool Cat Studio (that name was my parents’ idea, not mine), then moved here because a) WordPress’s site designs fit me far better than Weebly’s, and b) my older work there wasn’t nearly as good, so I obviously wanted to distance myself from it a little. Yeah, that website description on the front page is also pretty cringe, but to modify it would just be lying to myself (and all of my readers) about how I wrote back then.

Oh, and yes, the name “Boards of Cinema” was inspired by the ambient electronica group Boards of Canada, which arose from me not thinking of anything more original. Here’s what I consider one of their best songs.

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