about me

I’m Ben Parker, an 19-year-old movie buff who lives on a small farm in Northern Vermont. (The above picture, from June 2021, was captured near one of the area’s beautiful bike trails. I was 17 at the time.)

I used to upload my work on Cool Cat Studio, then moved here because a) WordPress’s site design fit my goals far better than Weebly’s, and b) most of my work there isn’t very good, so I wanted to distance myself from it a little. Despite not being very proud of it, much of my writing there was also published on Teen Ink, where it was pretty consistently greeted with Editors’ Choice awards. (Some of my very old poetry is there as well, but generally, it’s even more difficult not to cringe at)

On more than a few occasions, my music reviews were even granted a spot in the site’s magazine, but although I still very much enjoy music critics like Anthony Fantano (including his second channel, obviously), my central interests now lie in discussing film. Though my writing style certainly draws from older critics like Roger Ebert, I’m equally as inspired by YouTube channels like YourMovieSucksDOTorg, RedLetterMedia, videogamedunkey, Chris Stuckmann, I Hate Everything, ralphthemoviemaker, Jenny Nicholson, Possum Reviews, Double Toasted, and Amanda the Jedi, among many others.

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