Movie Review: “Blindspotting”

On May 25, 2020, George Floyd was killed by an excessively violent group of police officers outside a Minneapolis grocery store, just because he used counterfeit money to pay for some cigarettes there, then refused to return them when challenged about that. Afterwards, the country exploded with violence. Stores have been smashed to pieces, cars […]

Movie Review: “The Invisible Man”

Until The Invisible Man, Universal had not had a great time revitalizing its classic horror icons. First there was 2014’s Dracula Untold, which lost money in the States (nearly $20 million, in fact), and soon forgotten by everybody. Only three years later, the studio attempted the launch of its own “Dark Universe” (think of it […]

Movie Review: “Gymkata”

In honor of the recently deceased gymnast Kurt Thomas, I decided to watch Gymkata, his first—and only—venture into the movie business. It may technically be based off Dan Tyler Moore’s 1957 novel The Terrible Game, but let’s be real here: the film only—and I mean only—exists to piggyback off of Thomas’s stardom, straining at every […]

Movie Review: “Minority Report”

When Minority Report was released, it was a massive success. Not only was it a huge critical and commercial smash at the time (Roger Ebert didn’t hesitate when naming it the best film of the year), but it is still fondly remembered as one of Steven Spielberg’s best sci-fi films. And yet, even after hearing […]

Movie Review: “A Most Violent Year”

Let’s get the obvious out of the way: A Most Violent Year, despite the menacing (and irritatingly pretentious) title, actually isn’t all that violent. Violence surrounds its setting (New York, circa 1981), plot, and characters, but it’s never actually shown all that much. Instead of gory, Tarantino-esque action, the film firmly roots itself in slow, […]

Movie Review: “The Vast of Night”

My hopes were really high for The Vast of Night. Tired of overly frenetic fare like Star Trek Beyond, the thought of a slower, more old-fashioned science fiction film really caught my eye. After glimpsing the very positive buzz it received not long after being dropped on Amazon Prime, I was absolutely hooked, and convinced […]

Movie Review: “Back to the Future Part III”

The Back to the Future films are nothing if not entertaining. The first film was pretty lightweight Hollywood fare, but it was such joyously well-executed Hollywood fare that I couldn’t help but love it nevertheless. Even the unjustly maligned Back to the Future Part II, despite featuring some surprisingly gloomy moments, delivered more than enough […]

Movie Review: “Back to the Future Part II”

Watching Back to the Future Part II made me realize just how simple its predecessor was. Even with its major emphasis on time-travel (in itself a confusing concept), it was still a pretty straightforward tale of a boy who goes into the past, accidentally interferes with his future parents’ lives, and has to get them […]

Movie Review: “District 9”

Most of the time, when I disagree with the major critical consensus in certain areas (i.e. the newest Star Trek films), I can still see why others would like the particular thing(s) I disagree with them about. Unfortunately, no matter how hard I try, I just cannot fathom why District 9 is “staggeringly original” (Jeanette […]

Movie Review: “A Clockwork Orange”

It’s truly a shame that the X rating (now NC-17, which is equally frowned upon by the general American public) has only become associated with pornography. Once upon a time, back when it first debuted in 1968 along G, M (later GP, then PG), and R, it was actually a classification for films that weren’t […]